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IaaS Report

Get a full list of your virtual machine fleet for compute and storage in one simple step

The report will show you compute and total storage per virtual machine. Adjust whether your selection on-demand, reserved or hybrid use benefits for licensing.

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Financial Overview

Get the full cost over 5 years

Support your cloud migration with an outlined business case for the move to public cloud. Understand the cashflow in migration years and subsequent post migration baseline becomes.

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About RVtools

What is RVTools?

RVTools is a VMware utility that connects to your vCenter server and captures every bit of information about your virtual machines (VMs) and your ESXi hosts. It is able to list information about VMs, CPU, Memory, Disks, Partitions, Network, Floppy drives, CD drives, Snapshots, VMware tools, Resource pools, Clusters, ESX hosts, HBAs, NICs, Switches, Ports, Distributed Switches, Distributed Ports, Service consoles, VM Kernels, Datastores, multi-path info, license info and health checks. It does it fast and in a format that readily exports to Excel.

Where can I download RVTools?
Is RVTools free to download?


Why RVTools?

RVTools has long been a capture utlility for VMWare. At cloudstep we have long used the tool to get a quick snapshot of a customers existing infrastructure footprint. Now we offer this report using the RVTools upload function.

About the report

What format does the report generate?

Microsoft Word.

Is the report free?


Is my information shared with any other parties?

No. Read our privacy statement.

What IaaS prices are used?

Cloudstep can generate a report with either AWS or Azure pricing for your virtual environment comparison.

Do I need to enter payment details?


Why are you providing this for free?

We believe that if you see the value in this assessment you will see further value in the cloudstep product. To create awareness of the product we are giving this assessment away for free download.

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