Why cloudstep?

Accelerate your business growth

cloudstep® helps to sell a business case that you or your customers need. Partner with us today for a small cost to unlock large revenue and reform opportunities

Become the trusted advisor through money – not technology. Cloudstep® puts the financial detail to your customer strategy. Unlock cloud success.


Why signup with us?

Increase revenue streams

Promote and sell cloudstep.io® and win more opportunities and drive cloud adoption.

Accelerate decision making

Savings need to be found to pay for reforms. Validate with CxO’s the cashflow impact of change in conjunction with the operational benefits that public cloud provides.

Retain more customers

Move the conversation from technology to value. Build the relationship with your customers to become the trusted advisor. Demonstrate strategic planning using cloudstep.io®.

Who should apply?

In short, anyone!

System integrators

System integrators and consulting partners use our App to build clients’ IT strategies. Enabling the move to public cloud.

License resellers

License resellers looking to move customers from legacy agreements to hybrid and cloud based license models.

Service providers

Managed service providers with existing management of on-premises or private cloud implementations. Looking to retain customers with a move to public cloud.

It’s time for take off!

Anyone with an existing customer base can join as long as it meets our guidelines. We want you to have the ability to manage all your customers in one place.

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The cloudstep® experience

It’s simple.


Sign-up to cloudstep as a Partner. You won’t be alone, we will review your enquiry and reach out to introduce ourselves and help you get started.


Get access to the Partner Portal and cloudstep support channel. See all your customer subscriptions in one place. Review marketing material and documentation.

Add Customers

Add customers to create a cloudstep model to begin their journey. Actively plan there strategy or park them on ice until your ready to engage.

Present the case

Show the findings and present the business case. Enable opportunities within your customers environment. Be the strategic planner and be first in line to execute on the reforms.