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We’re a consulting team based in Adelaide, Australia. Specialising in cloud and telecommunication services. Get in touch with us for a commercially grounded approach.

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When building a consulting firm, the first place to start is the values. Once this is sorted then you can think about the staff, partners and customers you want to work with.

Founded in the internet

Baked into jtwo is the early days of the commercial Internet. We think about corporate IT from this direction.

Commercially Minded

Our services are based on the simple idea that ICT is about enabling great things for the lowest cost and risk.

Integrate, don’t abandon

The cloud represents another tool in the box. It’s important to respect and leverage what we already have, not abandon what works.

It’s OK to have fun

We want staff and customers to enjoy the process. It might get hard but why not have fun on the way?

Hard is good

We think complexity isn’t a vice. It’s when the problem or the solution is hard that we see the biggest innovations.

Creative thinking

We expect creative thinking from our staff and our customers. No plausible solution is off the table.

Corporate grade problems

We want to bring new thinking to corporate grade problems.

Build and manage

We are prepared to stand by anything we build and deploy not just deploy and walk away.

What we do

We offer planning, transition and management services for the adoption of digital technologies

Telecommunications Consulting

Making sense of telecommunications in Australia is a challenge. Broad competition in corporate communications, the NBN and a movement towards workforce mobility make networking more important than ever.

Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting

The delivery of applications to the business requires infrastructure. The cloud offers a way of simplifying infrastructure, reducing costs and improving reliability and effectiveness. We bring a lot of experience with delivery of cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Build

A sustainable, cost-effective implementation of cloud technologies requires a solid foundation. There are several fixed price engagements that combine to provide this foundation. It’s our job to make the cloud easy to build and procure so you can focus on getting on with running your business and focussing on your customers.

Cloud Managed Service

We are good at the cloud, so you don’t have to be. We keep the cloud running so you can focus on your business and your applications. We offer managed services on a flexible month-by-month basis. We drive the cloud provider, while they keep the lights on, therefore we believe it shouldn’t cost as much as tradition managed services. Public cloud services are complex, these services change regularly as cloud providers rapidly innovate and evolve their offerings. Our cloud managed services allows you to focus on your applications and services with peace of mind that the public cloud services underpinning them are properly managed.

Who we are

The Team

With 10+ years working together in cloud and telecommunications, our team offers a wealth of knowledge in leading large scale government and enterprise technology projects.

Jason Isitt


Jason joined the IT industry in 1994. He has gained considerable experience across several industries, including telecommunications, government, and manufacturing. His diverse skills allow him to provide advice and consulting services across all aspects of enterprise IT. Jason is strong in infrastructure, application development, architecture and IT services management, all of which combine well when considering cloud computing.

Jason has worked in Australia, Britain, the United States and the UAE. He has worked with staff from many different countries and cultures. He has worked in government, manufacturing, corporate services and IT companies. This diversity provides perspective and good judgement. Jason is comfortable with cables and switches as well as business analysis and service level agreements. His broad skill set allows him to provide consulting services up and down a business.

John Lindsay


John is a business and technology-minded consultant with a passion for helping build great Australian technology companies. From 1994 he founded and held senior executive roles in well-known Internet organisations including iiNet and Internode. Part of the team that sold Internode to iiNet Ltd in 2011, he was subsequently appointed Chief Technology Officer of iiNet, leaving the company in 2013 to start his own venture.

John has attended and spoken regularly at internet and telecommunications conferences inside and outside Australia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Chicago, Honolulu and Beijing. He can translate business requirements and technical capabilities between the boardroom and the technical delivery teams.

Daryl Knight

Partner and chief revenue officer

Daryl has led Sales and Service delivery teams in the telco and IT sector – ranging from small startups (Internode) through to large ASX100 listed corporations. He was appointed General Manager of Corporate and Government of iiNet in 2012 to 2016 (100+ staff, $100M P&L) and General Manager of Sales at Datacom in 2017

Daryl has held accountability for strategic planning and tactical implementation within organisations undergoing rapid growth and significant change. Daryl joined jtwo solutions in 2018 and is driving the adoption of within the partner community in Australia and abroad.

Daniel Mateos

Consulting Partner

Daniel is a Software Developer/Consultant with a desire to make solid, well designed, and scalable software. As a Senior Consultant, Daniel brings his expertise in Open Source Software, he has a true passion for anything Linux/Open Source related and utilizing these technologies in the cloud and to scale.
Daniel’s software skills are well rounded, he is happy working on anything from REST API’s in Python to low level kernel drivers in C. Daniel is also well versed in DevOps with experience in Kubernetes, Docker, puppet and various code pipeline/deployment technologies.

Matt Davies

Consulting Partner

Matt is a Infrastructure Consultant with a passion for the business innovation that occurs when an organisation leverages the true flexibility and scalability of public cloud based solutions. As a Senior Consultant, Matt draws on his experience and expertise from working with enterprise, government and SMB customers across Australia. Matt is passionate about working with clients to facilitate affordable, positive, meaningful transformations only made possible with scalable, on-demand consumption based cloud computing platforms and services.

Dave Young

Consulting Partner

Dave is a Consultant with a keen enthusiasm for architecture and the underlying desire to leverage the true flexibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions.
Dave leverages his 17 years of experience working in multiple countries around the world to specialise in the design, implementation and support of leading technologies at all levels of corporate scale. During this time he has proven his strong project management awareness with succinct communication skills and demonstrated an excellent history of developing strong working relationships at all business levels.

What we say

Latest insights from the jtwo team

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Cloud Partners

Public clouds we proudly partner with

Reduce Risk & Uncertainty Surrounding Public Cloud Adoption.

One tool to plan, transition and manage cloud services. cloudstep can model your existing ICT landscape and estimate, plan and commission services in the cloud making the migration as smooth as possible. Be prepared, understand the costs and keep track of them in one place.

cloudstep® has been developed to help CxO’s, IT Managers and Finance professionals grapple with the understand the cashflow and operational benefits that public cloud can provide. cloudstep® is the “financial lens” across your ICT operation allowing you to make informed decisions that reflect your reality, not a vendor’s assumptions.

cloudstep® is the application where you build the total picture of how you deliver IT to the business, important information can be found by the right people, and our tool visualises the information for your specific business case or reform

The tool for IT

Model in minutes

In 10 minutes get a cloudstep® baseline of the common infrastructure and associated costs within any organisation’s environment. The Builder allows you to obtain financial validation in a few very short steps. Model what would take traditional business cases weeks.

The whole financial picture

cloudstep® can build a five year capital and operational expenditure overview in seconds. You can explore different scenarios to understand the best course of action. You can build complex business cases based on evidence and hard costs, not speculation.

Understand costs

cloudstep® can discover information about your physical and virtual infrastructure. It looks at the entire portfolio of infrastructure services from Azure and AWS and can show the cost of your server fleet deployed in the cloud and how much that would cost.

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