IaaS Report

IaaS Cost Modelling can help you understand the IaaS costs involved in moving applications to public cloud.  While this isn't always the best course of action it does present an opportunity to deal with the following situations:

  • Aging infrastructure and a desire to retire technical debt.

  • A desire for a reduction in overall operating costs.

cloudstep lets you plan out migrations of applications and in some cases this will involve moving the existing servers from a datacentre into a public cloud environment.  Cloudstep will analyse the VMs associated with each application and move them when they are scheduled to.  We take into account the following:

  • Whether or not the server is production or development (ie can it be turned off)

  • The amount of storage allocated to the VM or physical server.

  • The specifications of the server (CPU, Memory, Operating System)

  • The licensing model used for the server (physical, virtual, etc.)

  • The actual usage of the CPU and memory on the server.

cloudstep uses the pricing calculators provided by the cloud provider to work out the total costs of these services.  Once told how to treat each class of server, it can work out the cheapest way to provision the server in the cloud.  This can take weeks and is innacurate if done manually.

An important question many businesses ask is "how much will it cost?" and this is presented in this report.  The headline figures are first rolled up.

This shows the monthly spend on cloud IaaS services.  This is for compute only and doesn't take into account any of the Reserved instance pricing that may be owed up front.  It also shows the total once off up-front fees that can be expected to be paid.  The total number of servers and an estimate of any managed services on those services is also shown.

The headline figures though are made up by totalling the costs for each of the underlying IaaS services used.

For each of the services identified its possible to see the type of machine, the number of instances of each type and the up-front and hourly charges.  A monthly cost is synthesized for these for comparative purposes.

Where the cost of delivering services cannot be calculated, the IaaS report shows this...