Cost Profile

Cost Profile

The Cost Profile tool summarises all of the costs by category and financial year.  Its a useful way to see how these costs vary year on year for each Scenario.  This is a very powerful tool for analysing and cross checking your cost base.  Switch scenarios to see the difference between them.  Costs are organised into one of several categories:

  • Cloud Infrastructure.  Storage and compute costs in public cloud along with platform services.
  • Facility.  Datacentre, power, office space and other costs.
  • Labour.  Internal and external labour and teams.
  • Licensing.  Software licensing and support/assurance.
  • Managed Services.  Costs for external management of applications or infrastructure.
  • Network.  Networking costs and charges including carriage services.
  • Other.  Miscellaneous costs.
  • SaaS Subscriptions.  Monthly or yearly software subscriptions.

Use this chart along with the Cashflow Model to properly understand the costs.  This provides a Financial Year based tally for each cost.  It provides the detail level costs you can see in the Financial Overview report.

Cost Accuracy

The accuracy of each cost is shown using colours.  Orange indicates that there is a 10% variance on the cost, Red indicates a 50% variance and anything highlighted in bold blue is low accuracy with a 100% loading.