Analysis Tools

Analysis Tools has powerful modelling tools that help you understand you're ICT environment.  Once you've modelled and planned out your environment you can use the analysis tools to understand the financial and operational impact of your model.

Each of the Analysis tools is Scenario aware.  This means that what you are shown will change depending on the active scenarios.


Cashflow Model

Shows the capital and operating expenditure over the modelling period.  It provides a month by month cashflow and a FY-summarised detail view.

Financial Overview

Shows an overview of operating costs by cost category and how each scenario varies from the Business As Usual scenario.

Cost Profile

The Cost Profile tool summarises all of the costs by category and financial year.  Its a useful way to see how these costs vary year on year for each Scenario.

Change Program

Shows a wave-based view of the effort, progress and summarises of migrations throughout the migration process.

IaaS Report

Shows a summary of AWS or Azure IaaS Charges and services by scenario.

Financial Model Comparisson

Shows an overall capital/operating cost summary and comparison for each scenario.