Work From Home Pack

(A COVID-19 Response)

In these unprecedented times, having a work from home (WFH) capability is more critical than ever.  A mechanism for employees to connect to corporate systems safely and securely without the need to visit a corporate site is something most organisations offer, but metrics like scalability and performance may not have been fully validated for this type of demand and concurrency.  With a lot of the market having adopted cloud computing, it is logical to leverage the toolset available from a trusted vendor like Microsoft.  Furthermore, making the change in the cloud allows for the product to be released quicker minimising the impact on on-premises infrastructure, which in the current light, is a very valuable benefit..


Solution Overview

Jtwo Solutions (the makers of have developed a cloud-based remote connectivity solution which is designed to integrate with existing IT enterprises. This is delivered through the following key components:

  • VPN Solution – offers secure connectivity to the corporate network, enabling remote workers to access business applications from their corporate mobile devices, up to 10,000 concurrent users.
  • VDI Solution – offers a hosted Windows 10 desktop environment which is ready to service necessary business applications. This package enables connectivity for users who do not have corporate mobile devices, enabling them to leverage home machines to continue to work safely and productively, scaling as large as your business requires.
  • Teams Calling Solution – offers IP-PBX functionalilty to your organisations Microsoft Teams tenant, enabling remote workers to make and recieve calls from the public switch telephone network (PSTN). 

These offerings are complimentary, they can be deployed separately or cohesively to provide tailored tooling to suit your organisational requirements. 


Changes & Delivery Approach

The instant concern for responding to a situation like this is,

"What needs to change in our existing environment?"

Jtwo solutions leverage ARM templates so our deployment approach is adaptable, fast and consistent, this allows us to deploy significant amounts of infrastructure in a very short period of time.

By deploying a solution that is primarily isolated with minimal touch points to existing infrastructure, jtwo solutions can minimise implementation risk, whilst adhering to organisational change procedures to ensure the new functionality is operational as quickly as possible.  Furthermore, this also optimises clean-up time if the solution is deemed surplus to requirements when our current social challenges subside.


  • Azure Point to Site (P2S) VPN has protocols available for all mobile platforms leveraging SSL, a protocol that is open in almost all environments
  • Windows Virtual Desktop uses reverse connect technology which means your source network doesn’t need any inbound ports to be opened
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing uses Twilio Elastic SIP trunking for VOIP infrastructure that is deployable in minutes. Provisioning a low-cost single vCPU Azure VM for the Azure hosted Session Border Controller (SBC).
  • Security is baked in at every layer. Supporting network components leverage cloud-native security constructs, worker machines are encrypted at build, and secure password vaults are leveraged for programmatic access throughout the solution’s operational lifecycle
  • We integrate with your existing enterprise identity provider. Authentication and authorisation are plug and play using secure open protocols
  • These solutions are resilient, meeting organisational disaster recovery requirements by leveraging cloud-native backup tooling which adheres to industry standard security and compliance accreditations  

Simple Pricing

cloudstep® is a powerful tool at a very low price.  Use either solution for all your staff as we will deploy the solution for a fixed price.  

These offerings are complimentary, they can be deployed separately or cohesively to provide tailored tooling to suit your organisational requirements. Each solution costs $5,000 AUD up front and $5,000 AUD on completion. You manage the environment on-going in your own Azure subscription. No lock in. 

* One month support included. 



fixed price (AU$)

  • Includes deployment of either:
  • Azure VDI Solution
  • Azure VPN Solution
  • Teams Calling Solution


On Completion


fixed price (AU$)

  • Includes:
  • 1 Month Support
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