jtwo solutions/ are looking for people to join our team.

Our promise

A welcoming environment that values responsibility, respect and trust.
We offer flexibility and we actually mean it. Family friendly means people might need to be somewhere else at 3.30pm. It means that breaking the day up and working for a few hours after kids have gone to bed suits some people just fine. Good customer outcomes are what matter and we trust people to know what that means. We pick customers that understand and respect that too.
We reward hard work and achievements. Bonuses, equity participation and fare pay are baked in. There are no leaners.
Consulting can be a career, not the absence of one. It doesn’t have to be a period on your CV where you do a wide variety of interesting work but there’s little development. It doesn’t have to be that way. Training, conferences, mentoring (or being mentored) are critical. We want leaders in the business.
Your gender, ethnicity, race and religion are invisible. What matters is your talent, your commitment and the outcomes.

Our expectations

  • We expect you to lift rocks, find problems and fix them, inside and out.
  • We expect you to consider the best outcome for the customer as your guiding principal.
  • We expect you to own your mistakes and own the fix.

How do we know we’ve done it right?

If we’ve done our job right, these are the sorts of things we’d imagine our staff saying, 12 months into employment:

“We might not have bowls of fruit and back massages but the HR department doesn’t pull passive aggressive tactics on you all day.”
“I look around me at my colleagues and I respect all of them. They’re all good, hard working people and they have my back.”

Lets Talk

Drop in for a coffee, see our new digs and talk cloud, networks, career opportunities,® or any project idea.

Our Office


1/125 Pirie Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000, AUS

Phone: 1300 42 7837

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