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Become the trusted advisor through money - not technology. Cloudstep® puts the financial detail to your customer strategy. Unlock cloud success.


Move the conversation from technology to value

  • build the baseline of the true current cost of ICT delivery and demonstrate the real cost of transition - not vendor assumptions.
  • in many cases, businesses do not know what is running where - let alone how much it is currently costing to serve an application that supports a function and/or group.

Help accelerate customer decision making

  • savings need to be found to pay for reforms. Validate with CxO's the cashflow impact of change in conjunction with the operational benefits that public cloud provides
  • explore 'what-if' scenarios that respect existing investment decisions and take advantage of new delivery options in seconds, not days or weeks.

Build complex business cases that can be trusted

  • use your customers true cost information to build the baseline and future plans.
  • explore options that include: PAYG (pay as you go) or 1 and 3 year reserved instances and hybrid use benefits.

Provide surety around transition and delivery of your plan

  • task scheduling, progress and ownership is built-in to ensure the agreed financial and operational plan is delivered to agreed budget.
  • our cloud architects and engineers have worked with public cloud for 10+ years and you can use as little or as much of our services as you like - our job is to help make your job easier.