Rapid low effort starting point

cloudstep provides a rapid, low effort comparison between cloud providers allowing you to quickly focus on either, or, all of the following :

  • The identification of the most cost effective cloud platform
  • The establishment of a business case for stakeholder approval
  • A detailed plan for migration

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What is RVTools?

RVTools is a free utility that connects to your VMware vCenter and captures information about your virtual infrastructure. The tool lists information about VMs, CPU, Memory, Disks etc. RVTools is fast, doesn’t require an installation and produces an Excel output. More information can be found here.

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Our proven 3-step process

The 3-step process has been designed to provide outputs with a single file starting point that identifies the most cost effective cloud platform through synthetic right sizing. This iterative process enables you to pivot quickly, adding as much detail as you desire for a business case or proceed with the creation of a well founded plan for migration that wont disrupt your core business needs. The 3-step process provides:

  • Independent agnostic advice
  • Clarity around where to host applications and infrastructure, public or private cloud
  • A business case that provides justification for change
  • A tailored reform and migration plan that considers risk mitigation and benefit realisation

Rapid assessment 

  • Live Optics assessment or RVTools file.
  • Rapid cloud comparison
  • Build initial model
  • Rapid qualification with your client.
  • Deal registration.
  • First pass synthetic cloud right-sizing.

Dig a little deeper 

  • Obtain utilization metrics.
  • Understand more costs.
  • Understand the application portfolio.
  • Identify Risks and Benefits.
  • Right Sizing.

Complete a prudent, credible plan

  • Deeper technical discovery.
  • Layer on cloud vendor tools and data.
  • Ask your clients business and technical owners about applications.
  • Work with your client to schedule a migration plan.
  • Identify pre-requisite work.
  • Refine and flesh out risks and benefits.

Rapid Assessment example outputs

Here are two examples of the files you’ll receive as part of the Rapid Assessment: