The problem we fix

The cloud is complicated. Cloud providers make it seem cheap and easy but it represents a big shift in thinking, skills, process and cost. It is easy to get in but difficult to get right. With some careful planning, the cloud can solve a lot of problems in the enterprise. You can get all the benefits of the cloud while keeping the business and IT happy. Keep what works and use the cloud to improve where you can. Harnessing the cloud requires planning, solid commercial grounding, reform projects and management of cloud services. The goal is to get all the advantages while avoiding the pitfalls.


The lifecycle of cloudstep®

cloudstep® has been developed to help CxO's, IT Managers and Finance professionals grapple with an understand the cashflow and operational benefits that public cloud can provide. cloudstep® is the "financial lens" across your ICT operation allowing you to make informed decisions that reflect your reality, not a vendor's assumptions.


You can't implement change without the business case. The business expects you to do more with an ever-decreasing budget. Parts of the IT landscape work well and others need modernisation and improvement. You first need to understand the costs and capabilities as they stand. Once you have a better understanding of where you are you can start looking at scenarios for reforms.


It is one thing to understand where you are, where you want to go and how you pay for it. It is quite another to make the leap. cloudstep® assists in working through this change process by scheduling reforms operationally and financially. Through standards based recipes and patterns, cloudstep® can take applications or workloads and help migrate them to the public cloud in a manageable way.


Once an application has been transitioned to the cloud it needs to be managed. The whole lifecycle needs to be respected. There are projects to transition in and projects for the decommissioning or refresh. cloudstep® can assist with the management of public cloud environments built during the transition phase. This includes operational and cost management.


The tool for IT

cloudstep® is the application where you build the total picture of how you deliver IT to the business, important information can be found by the right people, and our tool visualises the information for your specific business case or reform.


cloudstep® Modellor can build a five year capital and operation expenditure overview in seconds. You can explore different scenarios to understand the best course of action. Build complex business cases based on evidence and your costs, not a vendors assumptions.


cloudstep® Analysis can discover information about your physical and virtual infrastructure. It looks at the entire portfolio of infrastracture services from Azure, AWS, GCP (soon) to show the cost of your server fleet deployed in the public cloud for how much. cloudstep® navigates the minefield of on-demand, reserved, spot and other instance types to compare your existing severs apples for apples with public cloud virtual machines.


cloudstep® Orchestrator is a tool that can help deploy your transitioned cloud services into AWS, Azure, GCP or Office 365. You can choose from one of the cloudstep® many off the shelf deployments of common components or we can build completely customized services that are unique for you. Anything deployed with Orchestrator is linked back to the cloudstep® Modellor to understand its role in your environment.

Unlock the Cloud Success